°•°All you eva wanted°•°

Isn't it crazy how you know my face and my name but you dont know me... well once you do you'll never forget me!!!

- Sometimes when you love someone you have to let go in order for that person to learn and grow in the way they need to grow and learn. But just because you let go doesn’t mean you stopped caring, loving, thinking, praying, and longing for them! You just love them enough to allow them to live their life. If it’s meant to be it will be! -

"Happy New Month"

Needed to be said.
- She know she killing, you know she don’t ennis care 😍😉 -
- “I’m not perfect, yes I do wrong. I’m trying my best, but it ain’t good enough. Shunned by the world, if I don’t succeed. No I ain’t good enough, but he still loves me!” 😇 🎶 #churchwasgreat -

What you allow will continue…



Never allow yourself to settle for less than phenomenal. Once you settle for just settling, you become a doormat.
You want different results, change your surroundings.

Nothing is more be pathetic than living a life full of mediocrity.

Know the difference between your worth and what your settling for.

Continuing to focus all my love, light and energy on building a new.

No negative vibes 🌿


I’m a cup of tea,  And she’s a piece of sugar. Nobody melts her but me,  And I don’t get sweeter unless by my piece of sugar.
- I’m setting myself a hair goal and this is it -